• Planet Earth Opal
  • Planet Earth Merino Wool
  • Planet Earth 6 Ply
  • Planet Earth Silk
  • Pepper Pot
  • Planet Earth 6 Ply Variegated
  • Planet Earth Self-FInishing Accessories
  • Planet Earth Fiber

    Whether you enjoy needlepoint, embroidery, or cross-stitch, fiber is an important part of your craft or art. Planet Earth Fiber offers the highest quality of silk and wool fiber to meet the needs of the discriminating stitcher. The fiber is available in a full range of colors and in various sizes.

     We are sure to have the desired fiber to meet your needs. Our specialist are available to work with you to ensure that you have the needlepoint fiber for your project.
  • Planet Earth Silk

    Planet Earth Silk is ideal for thirteen mesh. It glides effortlessly through the canvas and makes beautiful stitches every time. It does not pill.  Each skein is 28.5 yards.
    • Suitable for 12 or 13 mesh
    • 230 colors and 16 variegated
    • 28.5 yards
    • 100% silk
  • Pepper Pot

    • Suitable for 13 and 18 mesh
    • 227 colors and 24 variegated
    • 30 yard skeins
    • 100% silk
  • Planet Earth 6 Ply

    Planet Earth 6 Ply Silk Floss

    • Suitable for 13 or 18 mesh
    • 184 solid colors and 25 variegated
    • 14 yards
    • 100% silk
  • Planet Earth Merino Wool

    • Suitable for 13 or 18 mesh
    • 170 colors and 19 variegated
    • 30 yard skeins
    • 100% merino wool
  • Essentials


    • Suitable for 18 mesh
    • 157 colors
    • 10 yards per card
    • 50% merino wool/ 50% silk
    • Now available in 30 yard skeins.

4" Round Leather Cases

4 inch round leather cases
The 4" round cases are made for lambs' skin leather. They are self-finishing and take a 3" canvas.  Draw string pouch is included.

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Planet Earth Retail Map
Looking for a local needlepoint store that carries our fiber? Please refer to our retail directory for contact information and directions.

FOBS are available in Royal Blue, Black and Pink


Flat Leather Clutch

Flat Leather Purse


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